Why Join?

Top-notch vocal training. High energy. Lots of fun!

Singing makes everyone happier. Singing makes you smarter, too! Lots of studies support the many fabulous things music does for your brain, not to mention your heart, your confidence, and even your social life. BYC is a place where singers commit to working hard to achieve extraordinary results—and have lots of fun along the way.

Dear Music Educator:

We are two senior members of the Berks Youth Chorus writing today to encourage you to encourage your students to audition for our organization. As high school seniors on the brink of our futures, we both feel that we’ve trained much more than just our voices through our BYC experience. It’s been one of the best experiences of our lives. And we want to share that with kids from all over Berks and beyond. We look to you to spread the word, as our choral teachers did, and help enrich the lives of your students.

Hi, I’m Jarrod Miller. I’ve been in BYC for 10 years. BYC has taught me to live for and love the music around me and the music that I sing. I’ve learned so much about music, including theory, performance skills, and above all, it’s given me experiences I will use to succeed in life. I have recently been selected to this year’s State Chorus with my first place ranking from Region V. I credit this achievement to my training in BYC. After graduation from Antietam High School, I plan to attend Mansfield University to major in music.

I’m Kristen Barnett, and I can tell you I’ve been learning vital life lessons since trying out for BYC in third grade. Our rigorous schedule has taught me to have a disciplined work ethic. I’ve learned how to be a team player, working with others to achieve a common goal. We listen to each other to grow stronger as a whole. And on the day of our concert, our team shows everyone that we’ve been training for excellence. I’ve learned discipline, patience and perseverance, and to accept nothing but the best from myself and others, thanks to BYC. After graduation from Exeter High School, I plan to study English literature and eventually become a professor.

If you’re not familiar with our group, please consider attending any of the upcoming concerts this season. For tickets, call 610-898-7664.

Thanks for helping us share the experience of Berks Youth Chorus with your students.

  • Jarrod Miller

    10-year member, BYC

  • Kristen Barnett

    10-year member, BYC